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CrossFit Neart is everything we feel CrossFit should be about. Taking it back to the roots of the CrossFit movement and why we fell in love with it.

CrossFit Neart Burlington Ontario Box CrossFitChick
Kassandra Ingram

Owner, Coach, Head Programmer

- Level 1 certified, 10+ years of CrossFit Experience

- Certified Personal Trainer with 13 years experience

I first heard about CrossFit long before it was a "buzz" word in the fitness industry, when the games were held on the ranch. I was still new in my personal training career and eager to try all different means of training. CrossFit was definitely different, and appealed to me right away.

Unfortunately without having much in the area at the time I only did it on my own. In 2012 I decided to up it to a local affiliate and fell in love once again, It challenges me to continue to strive to get better and achieve goals I never knew I could.

CrossFit is a passion I have, it is the way I chose to keep fit. I love how it inspires people, creates friendships and a healthy lifestyle. 

CrossFit Neart Burlington Ontario Box
Alistair Ingram


- Level 2 certified, 8+ years of Crossfit experience

I was driven to CrossFit years ago after deciding I needed a change from running. I have always played sports and been active but was never a big "Gym" person. I loved that I could get an amazing workout in an hour and be on my way. I quickly engulfed myself in the CrossFit community. I competed, judged and drove myself to PRs (personal records) in every aspect. 

I truly believe that CrossFit is not for everyone, it may not be YOUR thing. I do believe though that everyone should find THEIR thing. Whether it's running, yoga, spinning, the "GYM".. find something in physical fitness that works for you, your schedule and your body.

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